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Become a NorthShore Ambassador

The NorthShore Inline Marathon is proud to bring back our ambassador program for our 2023 event. Our goal with the NSIM Ambassador program is to have passionate skaters like YOU get rewarded for helping bring new skaters to this one-of-a-kind event and give those that need a little bit of encouragement a push to participate.

Do you think that is you?

Applications are open for our 2023 program!

Guy pointing as he finishes the full marathon
Runners waving at the starting line of the NorthShore Run

Things we are looking for in a NorthShore Ambassador

Have competed in any NSIM race

In order to promote our one-of-a-kind event properly, we ask that you have experience participating in it. So if you have done any of our races including skate, run, or our rollerski events in the past we are looking for you. Bonus points to those who have been doing our race for years! Apply today and help grow our race.

Active Online Presence

For our ambassador program we are looking for those who can get the word out about our amazing events. For that reason we are looking for those individuals who have a fun online presence. Don't have an online presence but think you'll be a great ambassador? We want you too! Apply below to join our ambassador team.

A leader in the community

We believe that being active outdoors is a way of life. For this reason, we are looking for ambassadors who are a part of a local community of adventurers that can be fired up to join us and be a part of our event. Apply today and help grow our event.

2023 Ambassador Rules

- Every race sign-up equals 1 point toward awesome prizes.
- Must be located in the United States 
- The ambassador's personal sign-up doesn't count towards a point.
- That's all! It's that simple.


What you can get!

All you have to do is get people to sign up for any of the NSIM races and you get a point. The more people you get to sign up, the more points you get, and the bigger the prizes! Below is a breakdown of what our ambassadors can earn! As a bonus, every one of your sign-ups gets a $10 off coupon for any of our races! 

  • Acceptance into the program (No Registrants Needed)

    • Name in Race Event Guide recognizing you as an ambassador

    • Access to a special merchandise store for ambassadors with reduced pricing

  • 3 Registrants

    • VIP Seating during the awards Ceremony 

  • 5 Registrants 

    • Exclusive NorthShore Ambassador Shirt

  • 10 Registrants

    • Free Entry into any race in 2024 

  • 15 Registrants

    • Access to VIP areas on Race Weekend

  • 25 Registrants* (LT)

    • Exclusive NorthShore Ambassador Skating Jersey or NorthShore Ambassador Hoodie

  • 50 Registrants* (LT)

    • Membership in the Ambassador Hall of Fame (recognized in all future event guides, Lifetime VIP status, and other yearly recognition) 

Numbers with an "LT" next to them mean that the award can be stacked over multiple years. For example, if you get 15 in 2023 and 10 in 2024 you would receive the ambassador skating jersey in 2024 alongside free entry for both years.

Guy posing at the starting line of the NorthShore Inline Marathon

Applications are open for 2023. Apply today!

We hope you are interested in being an NSIM Ambassador.  If you are, click the link and apply to become one of our exclusive  Ambassadors.

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