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Come one, come all the 2022 Northern Light Foundation Kid Sprints are back!

The NSIM Northern Light Foundation Kid Sprints are back and better than ever! Last year's Friday kid sprints were a huge success and we are excited to bring this event back for the 2022 year.  This will be our 21st annual kid sprint where kids of all ages race to the finish line to be named kid champion.  This event is completely free and all are welcome to join. Registration is Friday afternoon with the sprints starting later in the day. 

Join in the fun and bring your kids for this great free event happening Friday September 16th, 2022. 

NSIM Kid Sprints
Register at the expo
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Our 2022 Sprints Offerings

21st Annual Friday Kid Sprints

Join us for the 21st Kid Sprints. Kids ages 5 & under to 13 can skate head to head for the chance to be crowned the fastest kid in town. These short races are aimed at giving kids a taste of the experience of racing distances from 50 m to 200m and finishing at the same finish line as their NSIM heroes. All kids 13 & under are welcome to join in this fun event and all skill levels can compete.

Inaugural Sunday Sprints 

This is an event you won't want to miss. Test your speed against some of the fastest inline skaters and roller skiers on the continent.

Inline Skaters can compete in a sprint tournament (Qualifying and Knock-Out Heats) over a short course and a long course, or they can compete in a masters criterium event (12 minutes, plus one more lap to pick the winner).

Roller Skiers can compete in a Free Style Technique Sprint Competition (Qualifying and Knock Out Heats) over a 2 lap course of ~1.5k. 

2nd Annual Friday Inline Dashes

Back by popular demand are our Friday night Inline Dash Events. Inline skaters of all ages can compete in flat-out sprints over 100 meters and 200 meters against some of the fastest skaters in North America for the chance to be crowned the fastest skater of the weekend. This event is open to the public and all skating skill levels are welcome to join in the fun!

Sprint Maps 


The Sprint Courses

Friday Inline Dashes:

Harbor Drive - located on the waterfront of St. Louis Bay, harbor drive was repaved in 2018 and would host the Inline Skate Dash (100m & 200m) Events.

Spectator Area

Both venues are spectator friendly. Harbor Drive is in close proximity to the DECC and Duluth’s Canal Park and has ample room for spectators adjacent to the road surface.  Stebner Park has mowed grass surrounding the entire course area primed for spectating.  

Schedule of Events (Sprints TBD based upon total registration, proposed)

Friday, September 16 Accreditation/Registration, Arrival and Inline Dash Event Race Day

8:00 am – 7:00 pm Official Training, North Shore scenic drive and Bayfront Park

12:00 pm - 9:00 pm Accreditation and Packet Pick Up

4:00 pm - 4:15 USARS Dash Inline Sprints Check In (Common Finish Line)

4:00 pm - 4:15 Kids Sprints registration

4:30 pm - USARS and Kids Sprints, Harbor Drive (Rolling Schedule)

USARS 100m Dash Time Trials Event (Heats of 4, all racers ranked on final time)

Kids 5 and under 50m

Kids 6-13 100m Event (Heats of 4, all racers ranked on final time)

USARS 200m Dash Time Trials Event (Heats of 4, all racers ranked on final time)

Kids 6-13 200m Event (Heats of 4, all racers ranked on final time)  

7:00 pm Team Captains/Coaches’ Meeting DECC Pioneer Hall


Saturday, September 17 Distance Race Day

6:45 am - Half Marathon Skate Race Start

6:50 am - Half Marathon Rollerski Race Start

7:00 am - St. Luke’s Wheels Off Half Marathon Running Race Start

7:45 am - Tunnel 10K Skate Race Start

8:00 am - Tunnel 10K Running Race Start

8:30 am - 42k Roller Ski Race Start

8:45 am - NSIM Race Start

8:43 Elite Men “Call Ups”

8:45 Elite Men Open and Masters Start

8:46 Elite Women “Call Ups”

8:47 Elite Women Open and Masters Start

8:55 Advanced Wave 1 Start

8:56 Advanced Wave 2 Start

8:57 Rec Wave 1 Start

8:58 Rec Wave 2 Start

8:59 Rec Wave 3 Start

9:00 Combined Skate Start

12:00pm - Run Awards Ceremony

2:30pm - Skate and Rollerski Awards Ceremony


Register for the Northern Light Foundation kid Sprints at the skate expo!

Sign your child up for the coveted kid sprints happening September 16th at 4:30pm .

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