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2023 Skate & Health Expo Clinic Schedule

Extra Extra read all about it! We have finalized our 2023 Skate and Health Expo Clinics. Check them out below and make sure to mark your calendars as these are ones you won't want to miss! This expo happens Friday September 15th from 12-9pm at the DECC - Duluth Entertainment Convention Center.

12:00 - Use Your Skates to Become a Better Alpine Skiier | Presented by Rollerblade In this clinic learn from the experts on how inline skating can drastically improve your winter skiing. Rollerblade representative Myles will give you an inside look on training tips, tactics, and lessons on how anyone can improve their skiing through inline skating

1:00 & 3:30 - Intermediate Inline Skater Tips | Presented by Powerslide Hosted by Pascal Briand, Gabriela & Karoll Learn from some of the best skaters in the world with this unique clinic. Join our friends Pascal, Gabriela, and Karoll as they give you the inside scoop on improving your skating skills. This is perfect for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skaters.

1:30 & 6:00 - First Timer Running Tips & Tricks | Presented by Tortoise & Hare Footwear Running can be scary, luckily our friends at Tortoise & Hare are here to help! Join them in the first-timer running tips & tricks clinic to learn how to improve your running, cut your time, and improve your overall experience.

2:00 & 6:30 - 2023 NorthShore Course Report & Tips and Tricks to Beat our Course | Presented by Course Expert Todd Campbell Join course expert Todd Campbell as he gives a rundown of items to know on our historic race route. From new road patches to wind conditions, Todd has all the answers. Additionally Todd is one of the few that has done the race every year and has some great tips on how to conquer our course and leave this year with a PR! Join Todd at 2pm and 6:30pm.

2:30 - Dynamic Stretching with Kacie Cleveland | Presented by Rollerblade Looking for more stretching? Kacie Cleveland and Rollerblade are here to help! Join Kacie’s session to learn the best dynamic stretches that will be a game-changer on race day. This stretching session is aimed at all skating, running, and ski disciplines.

4:00 - Northern Lights Foundation Kid’s Sprints Back again due to popular demand is the Friday Night Kid Sprints. Kids of all ages get the opportunity to be a part of the action and race against other kids to determine a winner on this Friday night activity. Sign-ups are free and all kids participating receive a t-shirt. Winning kids will receive a medal as well. Check out the registration at the info table during the Skate & Health Expo.

5:00 - Dryland Drills and Q&A by Olympians Viktor Hald Thorup & Sofia Prosvirnova | Presented by Rollerblade Curious on how Olympians train and their lives in general? Well this is your chance to get the inside scoop! Join 2-Time Olympian Viktor Thorup and 3-Time Olympian Sofia Prosvirnova as they teach you their dryland drills and answer your questions on life as an Olympian.

7:00 - Aggressive Skating Demo / How to hit the boxes and rails! | Presented by Rollerblade and the man, the myth, the legend, Tracy White Ending the night is one of our favorite events. Rollerblade has pulled out every stop and has brought in Rollerblade Ambassador Tracy White to teach you how to get aggressive with your inline skating and how to hit the box’s and grind the rails in this fantastic demonstration. Throughout this you will get a chance to try on some demo aggressive skates and give it a try yourself. This event will run for an hour and you can join at anytime!



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