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Duluth Running Half Marathon: Your Run by the Big Lake

Hey there! Are you thinking about running a half marathon that’s less about the hype and more about the run? Then the Duluth Running Half Marathon is your kind of race. It’s straightforward, no-nonsense, and showcases some of the best views Duluth has to offer.

The Starting Line - Where It All Begins

We gather at dawn, with the cool air coming off Lake Superior. It’s early, sure, but the mood’s upbeat. Runners of all sorts, from the speedsters to the first-timers, are milling about, stretching, and getting ready. It’s a community vibe where everyone’s welcome. The starting line is perfectly located on the scenic highway between Two Harbours and Duluth. Being Duluth in the Fall runners don't have to worry about overheating as the normal starting temp is around 45 degrees.

Alongside the Big Lake - A Runner's Dream

Once we’re off, you’ve got Lake Superior right there with you. It’s big, it’s beautiful, and it’s a pretty awesome running partner. The path is flat and fast, edged with greenery. It’s just open enough that you feel a part of the landscape. Plus, the lake breeze? Perfect for keeping you cool. The route travels the scenic highway running along the shores of Lake Superior.

Through Duluth’s Streets - A Dash of Local Flavor

After running through the scenic highway runners take a detour through Duluth’s streets and get a real feel for the city. Here, you’ll pass by local landmarks like Glensheen and get cheered on by early risers. It’s like the city’s waking up with us. This stretch is about feeling the community’s heart, and it's where you can push through the mid-race slump with some local spirit.

St Luke's Half Marathon Runner Going to Finish Line

The Final Miles - When the Cheering Gets Louder

As you hit the final stretch you will take a rarely traveled turn onto the Interstate (which we close down) so you can run through the tunnels of I-35. This 3 mile stretch is one of the most unique aspects of our race and is why thousands have decided to join us. From the end of the tunnels the anticipation builds. You’re running strong, the William A. Irvin is in sight, and the cheers are growing louder. It's a pretty neat feeling, knowing you're about to finish strong next to a piece of local history.

That Finish Line Feeling - More Than Just a Race

Crossing that finish line, you’re not just ending a run; you’re wrapping up a journey. It's a mix of personal achievement and shared experience. Grab your medal, catch your breath, and enjoy that post-race high with your fellow runners.

The Extra Mile - Why This Race?

So why run the St. Luke's Half Marathon? Because it’s simple and honest. It’s got beautiful views, a friendly atmosphere, and a course that’s just the right kind of challenging. It’s a race where you can set a new record or just enjoy the morning running alongside a lake that looks like an ocean.

Whether you come for the competition or for the fun of it, the St. Luke's Half Marathon is about hitting the pavement and loving every step. So, tie up those laces and come run with us. You’re in for a good run and a great day in Duluth.

Who is the St. Luke's Half Marathon (A Duluth Running Half Marathon)

The St. Luke's Half Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota, is a notable running event that offers a unique and breathtaking course for participants. Scheduled for September 14, 2024, this half marathon is known for its scenic route along the North Shore of Lake Superior, providing runners with stunning views throughout the race. The course includes a distinctive feature where runners pass through the I-35 tunnels in the last 4 miles, making it an unforgettable experience. The race concludes alongside the famous William A. Irvin freighter, where cheering fans add to the excitement of the finish. This event caters to all levels of runners and is celebrated for its beautiful course and the well-being of its participants.

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