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NorthShore Inline Marathon & Rollerblade® Announces the Inaugural Rollerblade® Inline Skating Series Across Key US Locations

Duluth, Minnesota – This year marks the launch of the Rollerblade® Inline Skating Series, a first-of-its-kind sporting event that brings together inline skating enthusiasts from across the United States. The series comprises four meticulously selected races, each chosen for its unique challenge and scenic appeal, offering a diverse and enriching experience for participants.

The series opens with the Human Powered Health 11-Mile Skate, a race that promises both competitive intensity and a test of endurance for its participants. It is followed by the Apostle Island Inline Marathon, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Apostle Islands, providing a unique blend of natural beauty and athletic rigor. The third event, Rolling on the River, offers participants a distinct urban skating experience with its riverside course. The series culminates with the NorthShore Inline Marathon, a well-established race known for its scenic route along Lake Superior, challenging seasoned skaters and newcomers alike.

A significant aspect of the Rollerblade® Inline Skating Series is its emphasis on community and continuity. Participants who engage in multiple events throughout the series will be eligible for a range of prizes including Rollerblade® Revv BOA® 125 skates. This initiative aims to encourage consistent participation, fostering a sense of belonging among the skating community and providing additional motivation beyond the individual races.

Rollerblade Inline Skating Challenge

“The Rollerblade Inline Skating Series sets a new standard for inline skating events in the United States,” said Joe Haggenmiller, the event's organizer. “Our goal is to provide a platform that not only challenges participants physically but also promotes the values of health, endurance, and community within the sport. We are committed to delivering a high-quality, professionally managed series that will become a staple in the inline skating calendar.”

The series also offers an array of supplementary activities designed to enrich the race experience. These include professional workshops, opportunities to meet with elite skaters, and activities suitable for families and spectators, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging weekend for all attendees.

Registration is now open for all four races. Participants have the option to register for individual events or to take advantage of special package deals for multiple races. This series is open to skaters of all proficiency levels, from novices to seasoned competitors.

For registration details and more information about the Rollerblade® Inline Skating Series, please visit

About the Rollerblade Inline Skating Series

The Rollerblade Inline Skating Series is a premier inline skating event series in the United States, comprising four races selected for their unique challenges and scenic routes. It aims to promote the sport of inline skating through competitive events that emphasize physical health, community, and the enjoyment of the outdoors.



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