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NSIM Announces 2023 Elite Wave Skaters

Attention NorthShore Inline Marathon skaters. Two weeks ago we announced our new elite wave format for our inline marathon this year. Today we want to announce our 2022 skaters who qualified for our 2023 elite wave as well as clarify how the placement is determined.

Anyone on these lists will automatically be signed up in the elite division that corresponds with their gender. If you are on this list but would prefer to skate with a friend in the advanced wave or a recreational wave that is fine. You can start in the divisions below what you are qualified for, but you can't start in a division above. For example, an elite-qualified skater can start in the advanced or rec waves, but an advanced skater cannot start in the elite wave.

If you are not on this list but want to skate in our elite wave next year you can qualify for next year's elite wave by finishing in the top 10% of your gender class in this year's race. If you are not on this list, but think you are an elite-level skater you can message us or email us why you think you belong in the elite wave. We call this a "petition". Please write "elite petition" in the subject line of your message and our petition committee will review each petition. Please include your best marathon time in the last 3 years or any other relevant information.


Jose Nicolas Mejia | Wesley Gandy | Ramirez Francisco | Kelin Dunfee | Edgar Meneses | Graeme Holland | Harry Guderjahn | Jens Johansson | Robert Motta | Antti Haljak | Arnav Sonic Shah | Alex Fedak | Josiah Hendrickson | Brian Oswald | Jim McKee | Darril Otto | Jaylin Li | Daniel Uribe | Kevin Kmetz | Brady Ankney | Brian Wolf | Caleb Stein | Mark Christenson | Mike Lufholm | Alexander Van Duyne | Daniel Reeves | Tracy White | Torrie Enget | Steve Wagner | Todd Campbell | Daniel Overby | Greg Major | Jordi Summers | Peyton Wendt | Joshua Krieter | Preston Pelishek | Rick Abrahamson | Uel Archuletta | Ben Hall | Brian Geisel | Tavis Trosen | Michael Olson | Brent Leaman | Steven Morken | William Meyer | Eric Rolf | Myles Cotter-Sparrow | Anthony Anderson | Douglas Bantz | Dave Pate


Sara Smith | Karin Gabriel | Miranda Halsey | Lauren Odonnell | Chantelle Dron | Hannah Vanasse | Leah Pickett-Doty | Sarai Pegram | Mariska Pegram | Cassandra Gerdin | Susan Jackson | Molly Sievert | Caitlyn Fischer | Emerson Study | Anna Zuver | Joslin Ingraham | Erin Topley | Jen Shyu | Jackeline Soto | Denise Kerr | Nina Arteaga | Tamara Topley | Patricia Elias | Diane Samson | Ami Raynor | Sara Otepka | Kathryn Vandam | Mandy Tucker | Veronica Luccioni | Doris Casabona | Stephanie Schramel

So now that all the rules and processes are explained...please congratulate our 2023 elite skaters!!!



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