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Triumph and Records: NorthShore Inline Marathon Crowns 2023 Champions

Published: September 16, 2023

The NorthShore Inline Marathon, an event steeped in tradition and adrenaline, has once again pushed the boundaries of what's possible in the world of inline skating. On the shores of Lake Superior, amidst the crisp September air, athletes from around the globe gathered to compete in a thrilling display of speed and endurance. As the cheers echoed and the wheels spun, history was made, and champions were crowned.

Women's Elite Skaters:

Photo's by Tone Coughlin

Gabriela Rueda Seizes Victory and Shatters Records

In an awe-inspiring performance, Gabriela Rueda emerged as the undisputed champion of the women's elite category. Her time of 1:04:54.79 not only secured her first place but also shattered the longstanding course record set in 1998. Heather Gunnin's record, once thought unassailable, now bows to the exceptional talent and tenacity of Rueda.

Karoll Arias, displaying incredible skill and determination, finished a mere fraction of a second behind Rueda at 1:04:55.09. The race between these two elite skaters was a true showcase of the sport's intensity and the caliber of athletes it attracts.

Tori Carter, with her own remarkable performance, showcased the depth of talent in the women's field with a finishing time of 1:15:01.03. Her dedication and unwavering effort were evident throughout the race.

Men's Elite Skaters:

Hamilton Patino Reigns Supreme

The men's competition was equally electrifying, with Hamilton Patino seizing the title with a jaw-dropping time of 1:02:08.19. His speed and technique set a new standard for male skaters, leaving spectators in awe.

Viktor Hald Thorup, a force to be reckoned with, secured a well-deserved second place with a time of 1:02:37.22. The margin between him and Patino was a mere 29.03 seconds, a testament to the level of skill exhibited.

At just 19 years old, Hayden Groves demonstrated remarkable poise and skill, finishing in third place with a time of 1:02:40.46. His presence on the podium was a glimpse into the bright future of inline skating.

A Celebration of Sport and Achievement

The 2023 NorthShore Inline Marathon was not only a competition but a celebration of human achievement. Records fell, limits were pushed, and a new generation of elite skaters emerged, leaving spectators and participants alike in awe of the incredible feats witnessed.

As the sun set over Lake Superior, casting a golden glow over the finish line, it was clear that this year's marathon had etched a new chapter in its storied history. Congratulations to all the athletes who took part in this monumental event, and to our champions, Gabriela Rueda and Hamilton Patino, who have left an indelible mark on the NorthShore Inline Marathon legacy. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this incredible sport!



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