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How to Select the Right Size Wheel for Inline Skating

Inline skating has skyrocketed in popularity since the pandemic and has become a popular outdoor activity for many across the US. With this increase in popularity comes a whole new demographic of skaters who are starting to make their way deeper into the inline skating world. For many new skaters, it's time to upgrade out of the beginner skates leaving many to wonder "how do I choose my next pair". That's where we come in. While choosing the right pair of inline skates is important, selecting the right size of wheels is equally essential to ensure a comfortable and smooth ride. The size of the wheels can greatly impact the speed, maneuverability, and stability of your skates. In this blog, we will discuss how to select the right size wheel for inline skating. Additionally, we have included a handy video from our friends at Rollerblade to give you a deeper understanding of how to choose the right wheel for your skating style.

For a video tutorial check out this video by Rollerblade below:

Wheel Diameter:

The diameter of the wheel is one of the essential factors to consider while selecting the right size wheel for inline skating. The standard size of inline skate wheels ranges from 60mm to 125mm. A larger diameter wheel will provide higher speed, while a smaller diameter wheel will offer greater maneuverability.

Skating Style:

Your skating style also plays a crucial role in selecting the right size wheel for inline skating. If you enjoy speed skating, larger wheels with a higher durometer rating are recommended. For fitness skating, medium-sized wheels with a durometer rating between 80 to 110 are suitable. If you prefer freestyle skating, smaller wheels are more suitable.

Your Skate's Recommendation

For many skaters picking new wheels will be as easy as looking at your current inline skates. Most brands (like Rollerblade) include the maximum size wheel right on the skate (like in the image below). Utilizing that can help guide you to picking one that will fit your skate.

Wheel Hardness:

The hardness of the wheel is measured on the "durometer" scale, which ranges from 0 to 100. The higher the durometer number, the harder the wheel. Harder wheels are suitable for smooth surfaces, while softer wheels are better for rough terrain. For outdoor inline skating, wheels with a durometer rating between 78A to 82A are ideal. In the example below you can see "85A" which signifies its hardness.

Wheel Profile:

The profile of the wheel refers to its shape, which can be either flat or round. Flat wheels provide more stability, while round wheels offer better maneuverability. The wheel profile is often a personal preference, but flat wheels are recommended for beginners, while round wheels are suitable for advanced skaters.

Brand of the Wheel:

Like any product there a great wheels and not-so-great wheels. When looking at buying new wheels make sure to do your due diligence on the companies: Some of our favorite wheel brands are: - Rollerblade

- Bont

- K2

These are just a few of the great wheel brands so make sure to do your research before you buy.

Skater's Weight:

The weight of the skater is an essential factor to consider while selecting the right size wheel for inline skating. Heavier skaters require larger wheels to support their weight and provide a smoother ride. Similarly, lighter skaters can use smaller wheels for greater maneuverability.

In conclusion, selecting the right size wheel for inline skating depends on various factors, including wheel diameter, hardness, width, profile, skater's weight, and skating style. It's important to consider all these factors to ensure a comfortable and smooth ride. With the right pair of wheels, you can enjoy the benefits of inline skating and explore new skating adventures.

What is the NorthShore Inline Marathon?

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Founded in 1996 by Olympian George Hovland, the NorthShore Inline Marathon (NSIM) quickly grew, becoming the world's largest skating race and has had competitors including Olympians, professional hockey players (NHL), professional speed skaters, and more. Constantly ranked in the top 5 Inline marathons in the world, the NSIM marathon is aiming to take its spot back as the world's largest. NSIM's race travels over the beautiful scenic Highway 61. The race is between Two Harbors and Duluth, Minnesota on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior.

In the pursuit of creating events for all competitors, NSIM added events for all ages and abilities. Our 2023 Race Event weekend will be September 15-17th. It includes our NorthShore Inline Marathon, the NorthShore Half Marathon Skate, a combined skate(39.3 miles), and our Tunnel 10k skate. In our Rollerski division, we have the 42k rollerski and 21k rollerski. Additionally, we have our running races including our St. Luke's Half Marathon and the Tunnel 10k run.

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