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Inaugural Rollerblade Inline Skating Series Starting June 1st With The Human Powered Health 11 Mile

Exciting news for rollerblading enthusiasts! This summer marks the launch of the first-ever NorthShore Inline Marathon Rollerblade Inline Skating Series, starting with the Human Powered Health 11 Mile on June 1st. This new series offers a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors, challenge yourself, and be part of a friendly, energetic community.

The series kicks off on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior, offering a route that's as scenic as it is exhilarating. Whether you're an experienced skater aiming to beat your personal best or a beginner looking to try something new and fun, this series has something for everyone. See the full in up at

What is the Human Powered Health 11 Mile?

The inaugural event, the Human Powered Health 11 Mile, is a perfect introduction to what the series aims to offer: a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere paired with a healthy dose of competition. The course winds along the picturesque coastline, providing stunning views and a refreshing breeze as you skate.

Inline skating is a great workout and a wonderful way to meet people who share a passion for staying active. The event is designed to be social, encouraging skaters to mingle, exchange tips, and enjoy the day together. It's not just about the race; it’s about building connections and having a great time on wheels.

The day will be filled with more than just racing. Expect a festival-like atmosphere with food vendors, live music, and various activities that cater to families and spectators. Safety is a top priority, with organized routes, professional timing, and medical support to ensure a smooth and secure experience for all.

The excitement doesn't stop with the Human Powered Health 11 Mile; the series continues throughout the summer, leading up to the iconic NorthShore Inline Marathon in September. Each event builds on the last, adding to a summer packed with fun and adventure on skates.

Ready to join in? You can find more details, register for the race, and check out the full series schedule on the NorthShore Inline Marathon official website. Don't miss out on what's sure to be a highlight of the summer. Grab your skates, gather your friends, and come experience the joy of inline skating at the NorthShore Inline Marathon Rollerblade Inline Skating Series. See you at the starting line!

What is the NorthShore Inline Marathon?

The NorthShore Inline Marathon is the largest inline skating marathon in North America, held annually in Duluth, Minnesota. Originating in 1996, this event has grown to attract skaters from around the globe, providing a challenging yet scenic 26.2-mile course that runs along the picturesque North Shore of Lake Superior. The marathon not only showcases the beauty of the Duluth lakefront but also celebrates the endurance and skill of inline skaters of all ages and abilities. The event includes several races, such as a full and half-marathon, roller ski marathon, and various running events, ensuring that there's something for everyone who wants to participate.

This premier skating event is known for its well-organized structure, enthusiastic community support, and a festive atmosphere that includes music, food, and fun, making it a favorite annual highlight for both participants and spectators. Over the years, the NorthShore Inline Marathon has also emphasized health, fitness, and the joy of skating, contributing significantly to the inline skating culture in the United States. Whether you're a competitive racer or a casual skater, this marathon offers a unique and memorable experience. For more information, schedules, and registration details, you can visit the official NorthShore Inline Marathon website here.


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